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We are a research and development company realizing the full potential of fungi in addressing the greatest medical challenges of our time.

Kapoose Creek Discovery

The World's Most Comprehensive Fungal Library

Kapoose Creek is building the world’s most complete fungal library by cataloging the diverse biology and chemistry that exists in unique and unexplored natural ecosystems. We systematically mine this expansive resource for undiscovered chemistry that will inspire new medicines and health products.

Kapoose Creek Development

A New Approach to Therapeutic Research

We are reinventing drug discovery to learn from nature on an unprecedented scale. We leverage world-leading science to probe the many medicinal properties of fungi and maximize the therapeutic potential of their chemistry.

An Ecosystem Ripe for Therapeutic Discovery

Our innovations begin in a land of uninterrupted evolution

Kapoose Creek, located on the northwest Pacific coast of Vancouver Island, was part of a rare ice-free corridor during the last ice age. As a result, this land has a rich ecosystem and unique mycological biodiversity.

Fungi is Medicine

Nearly a century ago, the discovery of Penicillin (derived from fungi), became the first mass-produced antibiotic, changing the course of medicine and human history alike.

We aim to make our own mark on the course of history.


Estimated number of fungal species on earth


Estimated percentage of fungal species that are still unknown and ripe for discovery


Estimated drug-like compounds in each species of fungi


Acres of Kapoose Creek lands, a rainforest rich in biodiversity and fungal activity


There are zero roads leading to the pristine lands of Kapoose Creek – it’s only accessible via boat, plane, or helicopter


We’ve built a state-of-the-art off-grid mycological research station in a temperate rainforest, enabling real-time evaluation of the unique chemistry only expressed by fungi in their natural environment

Laying the Groundwork for the Future of Myco-based Therapeutics

With over 100 million unique fungal compounds in the world, and hundreds of acres of remote forest to explore, we aim to discover the next generation of world-changing medicinal compounds

From the Underground Up

Our novel Discovery Platform screens rare and unique fungi for a wide variety of indications

Discovery Platform

Forage & Culture

Mycologists carefully search the KC forest for fungi, recording GPS coordinates and details on the morphology and environment of harvested samples. A sustainable quantity of the fungi and surrounding substrate are then collected for evaluation at the KC Research Station.

Value Created:

KC Fungal Collection & Genetics Library

Analyze & Profile

At the Kapoose Creek Research Station, we evaluate rare, unique fungi for medicinal potential. We are agnostic to therapeutic application, asking instead what medicines nature has designed using state-of-the-art machine-learning and drug discovery platforms.

Value Created:

KC Therapeutic Pipeline

Characterize & Synthesize

Top leads from our KC Therapeutic Pipeline are subject to characterization and biosynthesis, powered by advanced sequencing and synthetic biology capabilities.

Value Created:

KC Therapeutic Leads

Development Process

Concept Development

Leveraging decades of in-house formulation, design, and development experience, the KC Product Innovation Engine transforms natural medicines and newly discovered compounds into optimized human-centered therapeutics.

Value Created:

KC Formulation Tech

Analysis & Standardization

Dosage format, excipient selection, and packaging are carefully considered to ensure stability and a positive user experience, while defined manufacturing and quality protocols ensure scalability and compliance with applicable regulations.

Value Created:

KC Delivery Formats

Pre-Clinical & Clinical Trials

Kapoose Creek is actively developing a portfolio of evidence-based therapeutics. Given their history of use, these products enter the product innovation pipeline at a later stage with an expedited path to approval relative to a new chemical entity.

Value Created:

KC Therapeutics

Regulatory Pathways


Leads are subject to in-depth analysis and pre-clinical testing to gather data on mechanism of action, safety, pharmaco-kinetics, pharmaco-dynamics, and dosing profile, then move through the regulatory process to authorize use in full clinical trials. We pursue development and licensing partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms in order to advance assets through Phase 2 trials and beyond.


Functional mushrooms used in traditional medicine have proven safe and effective through centuries of use. KC’s Discovery Platform looks deeper into these fungi, uncovering the chemistry behind their unique properties and health applications. Our discovery program establishes the evidence base to substantiate the health benefits of fungi, providing market differentiation and paths to novel health claims.

Clinically Tested, Scientifically Proven

Clinical Research efforts designed to validate fungi-derived therapeutics

Our trials are dedicated to proving the safety and efficacy of powerful fungi compounds, including psilocybin

Concentrating Our Efforts

Optimized Product Formats

Our patented delivery systems leverage proprietary extraction techniques to provide targeted doses of active compounds to affected areas of the body for maximum absorption and benefit.

A Team Effort

The myco revolution needs the right people to lead the way

We’ve assembled an interdisciplinary group of world-class scientists, seasoned business leaders, and pioneers from medicine and academia.

Meet the full team

Sam Feldman

Founder & Chairman

Dr. Eric Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Crooks

Chief Innovation Officer

Jonathan Jackson

Chief Operating Officer

Victoria MacPhail

VP of Finance

Dr. Joe Gabriele

Chief Science Advisor

Jeremy Wright

Chief Financial Advisor

Dr. Michael Frankel

Chief Medical Advisor

A Network of Labs

Alliances that deepen our scientific capabilities

Our partnerships with academic institutions, including McMaster University and University of Victoria, amplify our resources with some of the world’s top scientists, state-of-the-art equipment, drug discovery platforms, robotic automation, artificial intelligence, natural product screening, and more.

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Kapoose Creek News

Press Release

Venerable Ventures to Acquire Kapoose Creek Wellness

Sep 08, 2021