At Kapoose Creek we are revolutionizing the discovery of medicines from nature using the power of artificial intelligence.

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Millions of years of evolution has produced chemistry finely tuned to influence biology. This is the ideal starting point for therapies with the potential to reshape human health. We are harnessing the full potential of nature's uncharted chemistry to address the greatest medical challenges of our time.

60% of therapies developed in the last 30 years are derived from nature, yet only 5% of the natural world’s chemistry has been explored.

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A platform purpose-built to enable and accelerate natural product drug discovery, leveraging AI and deep learning technologies to overcome longstanding historical limitations.


From screen to lead compound in six months–5x faster

4. Synthetic Biology

Rapidly scale for downstream R&D

3. Generative Design

Deep learning models to create better, optimized drug leads

2. Therapeutic Profiling

AI-powered screens for activity and mechanism in many diseases in parallel

1. Chemical Matter

Access never-before-seen natural chemistry

Our Source of Chemistry

A land of uninterrupted evolution

We are exploring untapped natural ecosystems to find the next generation of world-changing medicines hidden in wild fungi. Our first research site, Kapoose Creek, located on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island, was part of a rare ice-free corridor during the last ice age. As a result, this land has a rich ecosystem and unique mycological biodiversity.

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The team

A seasoned group of entrepreneurs, business leaders and scientists

Dr Eric Brown

Dr. Eric Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson

Chief Operating Officer

Dr Geordie Stewart

Dr. Geordie Stewart

Chief Business Development

Dr Tomasz Czarny

Dr. Tomasz Czarny

VP Research and Development


Dr. Melissa Landon

VP Strategy and US Growth

Brandon Walle

Brandon Walle

Director, Biology

Janet De Gouw

Janet De Gouw

Research Lead, Biology

Dr Michael Frankel

Dr. Michael Frankel

Chief Medical Advisor

The Board & Scientific Advisors

Sam Feldman

Sam Feldman

Founder and Chairman

Dr Gerry Wright

Dr. Gerry Wright

McMaster University

Paul Petrelli

Paul Petrelli

General Manager, Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Dr Leah Cowen

Dr. Leah Cowen

University of Toronto

Norma Biln

Norma Biln

CEO, Augurex Life Sciences

Dr Max Cynader

Dr. Max Cynader

University Of British Columbia

Dr Armand Balboni

Dr. Armand Balboni

Director, Bloom Burton & Co Investment Bank

Dr Matthew Miller

Dr. Matthew Miller

McMaster University

Andre brown

Dr. Andre Brown

Imperial College London

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