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Redefining Remote Wilderness Adventures on Vancouver Island

There is a sense of adventure around every corner at Kapoose Creek. Whether you’re keen to try your luck at deep sea fishing, shore fishing, boating around the many islets, exploring caves, other ocean activities, trail hiking or beach walking there’s something for everyone!

We have an able group of guides to assist you with any of these activities or just escort you on simple nature walks around the immediate property. Our property is home to bears, eagles, cougars, deer, seals, sea otters, wolves, whales and more. Frequent sightings of the aforementioned can be expected.


In the wider world of natural wonders

A more perfect picture does not exist. 


The KAPOOSE is a marvelous, lightly forested, meadowland creek whose headwater tributaries merge to form the Kapoose Creek Estuary. This system in turn sweeps past the broad sandy beaches of Rugged Point Marine Park as it flows into the Pacific Ocean. The Kapoose Creek Retreat consists of a 400-acre property situated adjacent to the wild North Pacific and Rugged Point Provincial Park.  

Although these lands have been occupied by indigenous cultures for many thousands of years, today they are far away from the hustle of civilization.  The natural beauty of the area can now be experienced from the comfort and luxury of our new lodge buildings.  


The Ocean Is Calling

The Pacific Ocean meets the 400 acres of Kapoose Creek as it rolls onto miles of remote sandy beaches. Breathtaking rock formations and reefs, ancient Douglas Fir, old growth Cedar and the span of the Pacific make for stunning sunsets. The span of surf swept beaches reaches from Rugged Point Provincial Park to the North all the way down to Eliza Peninsula.

The outlying Barrier Islands act and a natural breakwater, creating calm and safe conditions for swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding. Further up the beach North Western swells crash on the shore, creating ideal surf breaks in pristine clear water. 


Into The Estuary

The Kapoose Creek flows into the Pacific, creating a beautiful estuary that beckons exploration on land or in the water. Foraging Black Bear, eagles and boundless glorious nature await those who follow the boardwalk trail, slipping in and out of old growth forest down to white sandy beaches. Old growth cedar can grow up to 1000 years of age and reach a span of 12 feet across. Walk amongst these ancient giants and learn how the indigenous people used the forest to survive for thousands of years. 

One can chose to canoe, paddleboard or simply wander on foot through this pristine and primordial estuary. Bear, cougar, wolves, bald eagles, heron, swans and ancient First Nation fish weirs all call the Kapoose Creek Estuary home.



Adventures in the Wild

    Known as the "Salmon Highway", the Kyuquot Sound region is prime salmon fishing territory. Kapoose Creek is located just minutes from where migrating salmon have travelled for centuries and stop to feed in the area. Hit the open ocean where world-class salmon, cod and halibut await or test your angling skills in one of the many streams and rivers teeming with trout.

    Every year Grey and Humpback Whales migrate to the waters in front of Kapoose Creek. Transient Killer Whales (Orca) are also seen in these waters on their search for prey.

    Hike the boardwalk up to the headlands of the Kapoose River, and all the way to Rugged Point Provincial Park and the entrance to Kyuquot Sound.

    Explore the outer reefs and Barrier Islands, paddle up the Kapoose River or just enjoy paddling in the sheltered lagoon.

    With reefs everywhere and beach breaks nearby there are waves for every level.

    Explore one of the many pristine and secluded white sandy beaches. Explore tidal pools, find treasures at the low tide line and relax by a beach fire.

    Brave the Pacific and explore the reefs for schools of bass and anemone. Wet suits a must in these waters!

    Our furry friends are always grazing around the estuary and are kept at a safe distance by our fearless bear dogs.



Your Refuge in the Wild

Kapoose Creek Retreat offers casual lodging in the Lofthouse and luxury accommodations in Eagle’s Crag on a summit overlooking the Pacific.


The Loft House

The Loft House offers four bedrooms with a ladder accessible, double bed loft in each room. Along with two bathrooms and two showers the Loft House features a large chef’s kitchen in a generous open lounge. A wood stove and cozy sofas offer casual and relaxed comfort among an all wood interior. Wood used for the interior of the Loft House has all been milled on location from either beach drift logs or forest blow down trees.


The Eagle’s Crag

The Eagle’s Cragh at Kapoose Creek is luxury redefined. The 6000 SF lodge boasts seven bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a library, a great room and a personal chef, all sitting perched above the wild Pacific Ocean with 360-degree panoramic views of Kyuquot sound and Brooks Peninsula in the distance.


The Snug at Kapoose

Associated with the Loft House is “The Snug”. With one bedroom, full ensuite bathroom, kitchen, wee lounge, wood stove and a covered porch, the Snug offers intimate comfort and lovely mountain view seclusion.


The Kapoose Farm

Encompassing the Snug and beside the Loft House the Kapoose Farm provides organic herbs, produce and eggs for guests of the Kapoose Creek Retreat. Both greenhouse and outdoor planting beds are utilized for a steady supply or year around flavour filled home grown edibles.


The Kapoose Creek Trail

Settled in the center of Kapoose Farm; the Loft House and Snug are situated at the Kapoose Creek Trailhead. The Trail leads through a multi environmental ecosystem culminating in a deep and magical forest. Penetrated gently by the Kapoose Creek tributaries, these forest shrouded headwaters meander out into idyllic meadow lands and the expansive, sandy Pacific beaches of Rugged Point Provincial Park.